We finally did it!

We bought a property. After living in the Upper Valley for nearly four years and looking for almost three.

Granite Street in all her glory. Keep reading for more photos of her exterior!

And it is nothing like we wanted. Seriously.

Don’t get me wrong; we are thrilled with our purchase.

It’s logical—a sound investment that some may even call a savvy financial move given the current area’s projected growth, housing crisis, and concentrated effort to revitalize many of the small towns surrounding the “hubs” in this area.

We’re excited to finally have a place unhindered by leases and rental payments. We’re thrilled to have a project to fill our evenings and weekends for the next…who really knows.

Spoiler alert: it is a “fixer upper lite” which is a term I just made up. I define it as meaning the place is livable. We could move in and live there just fine for the most part. There are just things that definitely should be fixed up and things that will need to be fixed within the next year or so for like safety reasons and all that mumbo jumbo. And because we gutted the only bathroom so we’ve got to fix that before we officially move in.

But if you’ve been with us since the beginning, you’ll know that a house on 5,200 sq ft of land (most of which is taken up by the house) is far from the properties we had been trying to buy. Without getting too much into the weeds right away, we had been in the closing phase on TWO parcels of lands (50 acres and 70 acres) three, almost four, times.

Our hopes had been to find our little spot of heaven in the countryside and slowly craft the homestead we’ve been dreaming of. To be fair, I always felt like we were skipping in line. People wait lifetimes to find the type of land we had slip through our fingertips. I’m pretty sure I only survived losing Miller Pond and Honey Brook because I assume whoever ended up with them had been looking their whole lives for their piece of heaven. We still have plenty of time and places to explore to find ours.

Oh! One more thing: remember how I said some could say our purchase was a savvy financial move given the area’s current housing crisis? Our house is a duplex. Yup. We became landlords. You can read more about that here.

For those familiar with roofs you’ll notice this one is in rough shape. Luckily, the seller was willing to put a new roof on this side of the house before closing!
Our “backyard.” Just a tad bit smaller than 50/70 acres 😉
View of the backyard from the driveway.
The porch is one of those “needs to be taken care of soon” projects that made me decide this property is “fixer upper lite.”
Not exactly the curb appeal we’re going for, but not dangerous! Yet!
The side yard plus a little bit of the driveway (right side of image).
The three season porch and second entrance to the tenant’s apartment. This is another “needs to be fixed” soon projects.

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